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  • Install new lighting fixtures.
  • Install new lighting Lutron Controls.
  • Install new panels.
  • Install new Transformers.
  • Install new FA devices.
  • Install new Floor Outlets.
  • Install new Poke thrus.
  • Provide cores and GPR.

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The operating rooms at GMP- 2220 11th Street needed renovations and the addition of four new ORs. Much like any other project, the work had to sustain power around the clock while producing the least amount of noise, dust, and debris possible. During the two-year project, Nova Electrical was required to renovate two existing operating rooms while also constructing two 750-square-foot new ones. Another 10,000 square feet of space was improved in recuperation and related areas. The operating rooms at GMP- 2220 11th Street now have much more advanced technology capabilities, and the facility has received significant power enhancements.

By the Numbers


2750kva utility 20 transformers


3250KW Generators 20 And Enclosures


4000A Distribution 20 Switchboards


1MW UPS Modules &40 240 Battery Cabinets

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Hiring Nova as my commercial electric contractor has been my best decision. Nova’s knowledge and dedication to providing the best services are different from others. They are a must-hire whether your project is small or big.

Frank Davis Founder At Aniga Technologies

The way Nova approaches meeting their client’s requirements is impressive. From my project’s inception to the end, they ensured I was well-informed about the entire work progress. I would recommend their services to all my friends and everyone looking for a dependable electrical contractor.

John Miller CEO At Algorithm Comuting

The team at Nova is always professional and helpful. They always make sure to offer answers to each of our queries. You see the results along the way when you hire them for electrical requirements, which is an excellent trait of their services.

Darren Newman Marketing Manager at Afxisi Tech Solutions

The support Nova’s electrical solution services are always exceptional. Once you hire them, you feel assured of your complete requirements. They do an excellent job with each task assigned to them. I appreciate their customer service and feel grateful.

Desmond Park CEO & Founder at Accentric Technologies
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