Nova electrical contractors gives you the individual time and attention you deserve to assist you in your decision making process when addressing your own protection and communication needs. we are conveniently accessible, before and very importantly AFTER any agreements is met. It is a priceless moment to see our customers excited about the service they are receiving  from ; it feels good to learn about them and use this knowledge to provide personalized solutions.

Our goal is to  make your life safer, more secure and easier through our advanced expertise, utilizing electronic systems that move with reliability, speed and strength. Our staff their work, motivated to perform and be successful for our  customers and for our own credibility.

Customer focused means….

paying careful attention to you and taking detailed notes. less talk on our behalf  and more listening for our different customers.

Inform & Educate:
1. Receiving clear information after expressing your needs allow you to make    a more sound decision with no regrets.
2. Making  our service an “experience” , one of education and more giving both parties relative knowledge to apply when appropriate.

Budget& Time:
Money doesn’t grow on trees and time is irreplaceable. We keep this fundamental understanding upfront and provide our customers options that meet their needs and match their finances. We also strategist and execute to deliver “the goods” in the time frame requested without compromising quality.

Being there for you when you need us is a major part of our “customer focused” program. It allows us to build long-term relationships with our customers and we believe it makes both parties task easier. We will not disappear after providing you a service and we are still there to answer your questions, even if you do not choose our one-of-a -kind service.

Exceeding Expectations:
One of the number one reasons our customers keep us as their solution provider is because we go the extra mile and don’t try to squeeze them financially for doing so.

Quality driven means…..

High standards:
Keeping our standards of products, services and solutions at a higher level allow us to deliver positive results consistently. it also helps keep our organization on the same page and keep our organization on the same page and keep our customers satisfied, knowing that our already high quality of service can only go one direction….. UP!

In addition to our 20 plus years of experience as a company, our every staff member performs routine task, reinforced with repeat training and testing . This minimizes mistakes and learning curves, which allows us to provide our customer’s swift but high quality installation and allows them to maximize savings.

Advanced Technology:
Staying in harmony with evolving technologies allows us to provide protection and communication systems that have more speed and strength, greater reliability and ease of use.

Organization skills are mandatory and evaluated within our company, no matter the position. from consultation to pre-design to installation we organize our actions in order to be punctual , reliable, neat, and to save time and money for our customers and for us.

Testing& Training:
We believe in through systems test prior to presentation and in many cases periodically after that to ensure security, safety  and optimum performance. We also thoroughly rain our customers on operations to ensure they are fluent with their system and are able to take advantage of all features and benefits.