Nova Electrical Contractors can upgrade your older electrical equipment with newer technology!

switchgear1Retrofitting is the process of updating older equipment with newer technology. Whether you talk about circuit breakers or motor controls, retrofitting can be the solution to upgrade all the electronic equipment, which might have become obsolete over time.

No matter what your requirements are, Nova Electrical Contractors can come to the rescue!!!

Whether you want to extend the life cycle of your existing electrical equipment or simply looking to replace the obsolete ones with the latest technology, Nova Electrical Contractors can be the one stop shop where you can put an end to all these woes.

By thoroughly understanding your requirements, we can come up with state of the art solutions that fit within your pocket size. And, this is the reason that we have managed to carve a niche of our own in the industry.

At Nova, we believe that the three hallmarks of an electrical installation company are to

  • Enhance the safety, availability and quality of the installations
  • Create a roadmap to maintain and modernise the activities
  • Get the best out of your electrical investments


And, this is what keeps us going to always strive for more.

At Nova, we have a team of experts who are adept at handling the diverse needs of our clients, be it for domestic purpose or commercial installations.

We promise to give you services that can help you extend, integrate and expand the capabilities of your current installations and in this way increase the life cycle of your installation!

And, this is what Nova Electrical Contractors are all about!

So, if you want to end the hassle for an electrical contractor who can take care of the electrical retro fit services, then give us a call today and let us take care of things.